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EXIGO (formerly ImageWorks)

Exigo is a suite of tightly integrated, highly customizable document management software modules. By having separate modules, individual clients can select just those features and capabilities that work best in their particular environment. As requirements change, clients are able to implement additional modules.

Scanning, Viewing, and Retrival Software

The basis for the Exigo suite is Exigo Lite. It provides the basic framework around which all of the additional snap-on modules are attached. Here the document management basics take place: scanning, indexing, and retrieval. You define the indexes best suited for electronically filing your documents. Utilizing any one of the indexes you have assigned, you can quickly and easily retrieve your files. You can file each individual document with up to five indexes (invoice numbers, client names, file number, etc.). Data and images can come from scanned documents, or from existing computer files, microfiche or other electronic media. Once stored within Exigo, files and documents can very easily be viewed and printed. They may be accessed locally, or over a private or public network.

Fully Customizable Advanced Imaging Solution

While there are a host of user-directed options within Exigo, as well as mumerous snap-on modules, there often can be additional requirements. Exigo PRO is a completely customized version of Exigo. With Exigo PRO, our development staff can modify any module to your exact specifications. You can dictate exactly how your document management system performs. So-called "canned" packages do not provide this flexibility.

Customization is not a phrase we take lightly. We work directly with imaging issues on a daily basis and have developed the experience and the tools necessary to quickly implement custom solutions. Our account reps, training specialists and software developers work continuously to stay abreast of current technologies. We have forged partnerships with industry leading suppliers such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Canon, Symantec, Savin and Kofax so that we are able to deliver the right products for the job.


These modules can be implemented and added to any Exigo installation in order to enhance and customize the software. Everyone does business differently, and so everyone has different needs and problems that their imaging system needs to address. These modules help the client to dictate exactly how their document management system performs. If you have need of a specialized module not listed here, our in-house development staff can implement it for you in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Provides a direct interface with the client's faxing and email servers in order to fax or email any document


Allows the ability to retrieve image files from other PC's within your organization


By uploading documents to the Internet, you can now share this data with remote employees or clients

CD & DVD Archival

Create your own indexed CD-ROMs for internal or external distribution for catalogs, manuals, etc.


The automatic scanning and indexing of document sets from pre-printed or pre-applied bar codes


Optical Character Recognition, Optical Mark Recognition, Intelligent Character Recognition: index directly from scanned images of documents. Allows for full-text searchability, database population, data mining and hand-written character recognition


Attach/annotate to indexed documents using MIC audio files to be played back when viewing. Navigate imaging software through hands-free voice commands


From a single index via manual input, OCR, or bar code, you can then retrieve additional document indexes from pre-existing computer data files


Automatic capture of electronic data for the purpose of displaying information through a custom viewer, to eliminate the process of printing reports


The use of barcoding, scanning, and portable signature pads to track delivery of goods and services information

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