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The Paper Problem

Paper ... In today's marketplace, the average business generates massive amounts of paperwork. Payroll records, delivery receipts, computerized reports. Virtually everything that comes across your desk may need to be re-handled in the future. So what do you do? You file it!

The problem arises when a business cannot effectively manage the paperwork it has created. Documentation that can't be found, and put to the use for which it was created, can cause major headaches. Businesses today are drowning under reams of paper, and vital information is still inaccessible.

  • Retrieval of stored paper documents is expensive and time consuming.
  • In a "typical" paper-based operation, 40-50% of an office worker's time is spent storing and retrieving documents.
  • Lost contracts, sales agreements and purchase orders cause serious problems.
  • 5-10% of office documents become "lost" or "damaged".
  • Paper and file storage is extremely expensive.
  • It takes a great deal of time to track down and re-file missing documents.
  • These are the problems ... but there are definite solutions!

The Solution

Integrating your business workflow with technology provided by Integrated Imaging addresses these problems. Document imaging is simply the process of scanning, storing, manipulating and retrieving electronic images of office generated documents. Rapid changes in compression, high volume storage and computer networking make document imaging a reality. One CD-Rom can store 15,000 sheets of paper (that's 5 jam-packed file drawers!), and today's computer networks can have the equivalent of 100's of CD's instantly available.

Historically, mass document storage has been confines to microfilm/microfiche; literally tiny pictures of your papers. Not only are these photos expensive to create ... finding the "snapshot" you need takes time as well. With specialized imaging software developed by Integrated Imaging, we are able to harness the power of leading edge computer technology and bring inexpensive document management solutions into your business.

The Advantages of Electronic Document Management

  • Immediate retrieval of documents.
  • Improved organization of company information.
  • Electronic document files can be accessed from multiple storage devices -- Hard Drives, CD Roms, DVD, an Inter-Office Network, or the Internet.
  • Simultaneous access to any document or file.
  • Files are not lost or misplaced.
  • Inexpensively create as many back-up copies of files as desired.
  • Easily transfer files to remote locations.
  • Save office space: 15,000 - 8.5 X 11" scanned pages can fit on 1 computer CD. 90,000 - 8.5 X 11" scanned pages can fit on 1 computer DVD.

We're able to go to the computer, enter search criteria, and instantly view on image of the scanned document. - Clay Gibney, IT Director, Woods Rogers Hazlegrove

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  • Provides immediate access to documents
  • Provides disaster protection
  • Speeds response to inquiries, both internal and external
  • Allows documents to be faxed or emailed from your computer
  • Saves thousands of dollars on copying costs and transportation costs
  • Improves information sharing
  • Reduces labor costs associated with handling documents
  • Increases mobility of documents
  • Ability to review documents at a remote site
  • Eliminates the loss or misfiling of documents during due diligence handling
  • Documents can be easily used for in court presentations
  • Reduces Redundant Data
  • Instant Search & Access To Discovery Documents & Exhibits
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