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Pre-printed form elimination

Integrated Imaging has developed a unique approach to imaging and document printing. We have designed a system targeted at customers who use pre-printed forms and need an imaging solution. The system allows the customer to eliminate pre-printed forms, the expense associated with them and reduce scanning costs by capturing the print stream directly from the printer cable. The captured data is then formatted and automatically indexed / stored allowing for immediate access via web browser or corporate network. Basically, imaging WITHOUT scanning.

How it can help you:

Since we are capturing raw data and processing it, the possible applications are endless, but here are a few immediately apparent uses:

  • Pre-printed forms expense is eliminated
  • Since we capture the data in text format and control the output the customer can:
    • Easily change document format and look.
    • Allow immediate customer / employee access to documents via Internet or corporate network.
    • Store data in databases for data mining capabilities that donít exist with most legacy systems.
    • Immediately image the document into an imaging and document retrieval system.
    • Add automatic email / faxing capabilities as documents are printed
    • Add additional "custom" information to your printed documents
  • Add barcodes to printed documents
  • Become a paperless office without having to actually scan most of the documents.
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To see a more detailed view of print capture imaging, take a look at this PDF.

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